BE THE BEST PARENT YOU CAN BE! Baby and Toddler Edition - Buy Now
Playing Parent Talk Will Help You Build:


Explore key topics relating to your child's physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual development.


Conscious Parenting

Make conscious decisions on how you want to raise your child.


Develop a consistent approach to parenting with your partner.



Learn from your family and friends as well.

Who should play Parent Talk™?

The Baby & Toddler Edition of Parent Talk™ is a must-have for parents, future parents... and even grand-parents.  It's perfect for anyone who is

  • thinking about having a baby,
  • already expecting a child,
  • wondering if they agree with their partner on how to raise a child,
  • raising a baby or toddler, or
  • having a second baby and interested in taking a different approach to parenting.

Why play a board game on parenting?

How many people do you know who, as soon as they found out they were pregnant, ran out to buy What to Expect When You’re Expecting, along with a stack of other books on how to raise a child?  Lots of people, right?  I know we did.  Parenting books are indeed wonderful resources, providing valuable information, parenting advice, and helpful strategies.     

Parent Talk™ will take you to the next step.  This interactive, question-and-answer game gets you thinking and talking – with your partner, your friends, family and other parents.  Decide how you, personally, want to handle the big and small decisions to raise your child.  What will work for your family?  Make sure the other adults in your child's life are on the same page.  Or, if you're not sure how to handle a situation, get ideas from the other players! Share parenting ideas, experiences and strategies in order to develop a conscious, consistent plan for raising your child.  And with Parent Talk™, have FUN in the process! 

Where can I play Parent Talk™? 

  • Home:  Invite your family or friends over to play Parent Talk™, share stories, learn and have fun!
  • A Baby Shower:  Parent Talk™ is a perfect baby shower game.  The question-and-answer format is a fantastic conversation-starter and provides room for laughter and sharing stories.  
  • A Girls’ Night Out or Mom’s Group:  Parent Talk™ has 200 questions that will spark discussion on issues great and small, and allow you to share experiences. 
  • Parenting Workshops:  Parent Talk™ works well as a workshop-in-a-box, whether at a pre-school, church, hospital, or parenting center.  With four to eight players, the game and the resulting conversations help create community and build relationships among parents and prospective parents.  

Have fun and remember, it's all about Parent Talk!!!

Michael, Juliette & River