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We came up with the idea for Parent Talk™ when our daughter, River, was three. 


When you have a child, she becomes the center of your world.  We spent -- and still spend -- alll our free time together.  We love playing with her, talking with her, watching and helping her grow.  We also spend a great deal of time as a couple discussing how we want to raise her. 


We asked ourselves:


        Where do we want her to go to school? 

        Where do we want her to go to church?

           How should we discipline her? 

        What time should she go to bed?

        Which activities should we involve her in? 

        How do we excite her curiosity? ... The issues are endless. 


As a couple, we approached these issues from different perspectives – shaped by our own family experiences.  We came to the marriage with different ideas of how to raise our child.  Sometimes our differences were slight and easily resolved.  Sometimes we disagreed strongly.  But, for our daughter, we had to discuss things and come to an agreement on how we, as a new family, were going to do things.  All the parenting books agree: consistency is crucial.


We hope Parent Talk™ will encourage you to communicate with your partner about how to raise your child.  The questions and scenarios are meant to spark thoughtful discussion for your family and help you share parenting ideas with friends.  Parent Talk™ may even inject some humor into some of the difficult decisions that lie ahead.

All in Pursuit of Klogga
We like to think that Parent Talk™ is in pursuit of Klogga.  “Klogga” is an expression our three-year-old coined over dinner one evening.  We were brainstorming names for the company, when she piped up with her own set of ideas:  “Klogga, wogga, mogga.”  She reconsidered for a moment, and then settled on “Klogga.”  There she was:  assertive, creative, interested and participating in our family process.  She pointed at the paper adamantly, “Klogga.  Write that down!”  Since then, Klogga has come to represent a defining moment for our family – a moment of energy, harmony and joy. We still pursue these Klogga moments.  We hope you and your family achieve Klogga as well.  Thank you for playing, and best wishes for raising a happy, healthy child.  


Michael, Juliette & River