Organize A Parent Talk™ Party

So, you have a Parent Talk game and you're ready to invite some friends over to play itThat's wonderful!  Because, you will benefit most from Parent Talk when you play it with a group of people.  Here are some basic tips to help ensure a fun, successful party.

Find a Way to Focus 
The goal is for you, your partner, friends and family to have a frank, thoughtful conversation about the innumerable, daily decisions we face as parents.  Ask yourself what you can do to free up your mind to focus on the discussion.  For some, that might mean hiring a babysitter to watch the kids while you play.  For others, perhaps you can arrange to play after the kids have gone to bed for the night.  Or, if your child has a favorite toy that he/she only gets to play with every now and then... now is the time to break it out!

You can play Parent Talk for a half hour, for an hour or for three hours!  So, be ready for the conversation to spiral.  Have some snacks and drinks on hand so that you don't miss the discussion.

Have Fun!
Parent Talk is designed to give you a chance to discuss parenting issues proactively.  It encourages us all to think about how we want to act/react when we are not in that dreadful heat-of-the-moment.  Your child is not melting down in a grocery store or a restaurant.  This is the time when you can sit back, relax and think about how you might handle each scenario.  Or, let's say you discover that you and your partner disagree on something.  No worries!  You are ahead of the game if you realize it and make the time to figure out a solution or compromise.

Let's face it, there are moments in parenting when all you can do is laugh.  So share your stories, share your experiences and learnings.  And remember:  Parents play.  Kids win.  It's all about Parent Talk