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Cleveland Heights, OH—July 14, 2008— Babysteps Limited has just launched Parent Talk™, the first and only board game to offer parents a fun way to address crucial parenting issues. 

The trend is undeniable:  parents are becoming more proactive and seeking ways to improve their parenting skills.  This is evident from the proliferation of parenting websites, parenting books, magazines, radio and TV reality shows (such as Nanny 911 and SuperNanny).  The book, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, has sold over 13 million copies.  Clearly parents are taking steps to be more conscious and consistent in how they raise their children.

Parent Talk™ is a direct response to the trend toward proactive parenting.  It aims to help parents be the best parents they can be.  The concept of Parent Talk™ is simple: Parents play.  Kids win.  The game is designed to be played by parents.  But ultimately, children benefit. 

Parent Talk™ is designed to promote conscious and consistent parenting through communication and community.  The game facilitates discussion on key topics relating to a child’s physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual development.  The questions also encourage parents to discuss financial issues, sharing responsibilities and the changing dynamics of their relationship.  Unlike parenting books, Parent Talk™ provides a more interactive way for adults to discuss how they will raise their children.  Playing the game with other adults enables parents to leverage community and share parenting strategies, information, experience, insights and resources.

A useful tool for every family, parenting center, pediatrician and children’s hospital, Parent Talk™ has garnered attention from parenting coaches interested in using the game for workshops.  The first edition of Parent Talk™ focuses on issues relating to babies and toddlers.  Parent Talk™ retails for $29.95 and is currently available online at or through Amazon.

Be the best parent you can be.

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Mom-and-dad team, Juliette and Michael Reynolds set up Babysteps Limited to have fun while improving the world of parenting.  Babysteps develops, produces and markets parenting board games to individuals, retail stores, pediatricians and hospitals, parenting centers, schools and public organizations.

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